We are often sasked in our industry whethe or not items are sent discretely?

This is always the case with us, we check and make sure every item is sent securely, and discretely, no matter what the item is. No reference to the seller is on any courier package.

All items are tracked for piece of mind, however it is a time consuming process adding tracking information to your order, we also try to limit the communication between us and you so we will only send the tracking info if specifically asked, or if you are waiting on your item and suspect it to be lost etc.

As some items must arrive to us first, we do remind people that their package may take upto 7 days to arrive. We are a New Zealand based business and all items are sent via our Christchurch Warehouse, however some items are required to be received by suppliers prior to shipment to you. We order from our suppliers on a Daily basis and only use express options to us, and send via a 1-2 day courier (which is usually overnight anyway)